Brand  Xing De
Model Number XD680-D5
Powermax electronic control equipment  
Function object Bags,Gloves,Tents,Leather clothing,Hats,Shoes,Sofa,football,Leather decorative thick material things.
Thread pickup stroke 73.5mm
Needle bar stroke 38mm
Sewing space 335mm
Needle DP*17#22-#24
Motor Servo Motor
Automatic lift Yes
Applicable thickness range Thick material machine
Needle gauge 9mm
Reversing device Automatic
Maximum sewing speed 2200spm
Foot lift(mm) Manual  8mm
  Knee    16mm
  Automatic(AK/TK)  16mm
Hook Horizontal 2.5times hook
It is Long arm sewing machine,High speed single needle upper and lower feed automatic cutting flat sewing machine.on the base of Germany sewing machine technology, we develop this XD680-D5,which have large area of sewing by use lengthen and heighten arm and arm bed .In addition, in order to suitable for thick material,we use AHE59 digital AC servor system.Expect for thread cut,take-up thread,reverse stitching,presser foot lifter,A5 series automatic direct-drive flat sewing machine add thread clamping function,which can improve the producing efficiency.presser foot and auxiliary presser foot rise by each other,so that the counting dial can easy to adjusting, and  can suitable for different sewing condition.Using realiable needle gauge device,can ensure the strong needle foot and good quality.XD680-D5 is the best machine for thick material cutting. It have double safety device and strong thread cutting driver.No matter how thick it is,special moving knife and fixed knife can finish perfect thread cutting,and ensure good abrasion resistance,and do nice heavy duty thing.


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