Direct Drive flat sewing bartacker  
Brand  Xing De
Model Number XD430F
Style Bartack sewing machine
Automatic Full automatic
Heavy duty machine Yes
Stitch Knotting stitch
Drive Electronic
Needle number Single needle
Thread Single thread
Head number Single head
Size 690*490*820mm
Weight 78Kg
Suitable places Industry
Maximum Sewing Speed 3200spm
Function Object Fabric,Jean,Knitwear, underwear
Sewing Range 40*30mm
Needle Gauge 0.05-12.7mm
Number of threads 5000 stitch/ pattern
Data Already have 89 kind of sewing pattern in it(standard)
Electronic tensioner,cutter,thread wiper,thread tension device  

The xd-430f direct drive flat bed machine knotting machine

 ★The maximum sewing speed can reach 3200spm and improve the efficiency of production.

 ★The machine is fully sewing according to the sewing data.

 ★The maximum sewing area (x-y) : 40 * 30mm

 ★The length of the needle: 0.05 to 12.7 mm

 ★Number of data: 89 kinds of sewing patterns are set (standard)

    Very large needles: 5,000 pins / 1 pattern

 ★Taken the electronic line, tangent, scavenging and clip to line painted device for the standard device for ordinary cloth/denim/knitting clothing, women's underwear

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