Electronic cylinder-bed sewing machine  
Brand  Xing De
Model Number XD2342
Maximum Sewing Speed 2000spm
Needle Gauge 6mm
Presser lifting amount 16mm(Knees),  8.5mm (Manual)
Needle bar stroke 33.36mm
Needle DP X 17
Sewing Range 255x110mm
Cylinder diameter 72mm
Lubrication method Automatic oil supply
Maximum Stitch length 10-11mm
Function Object 1.Medium heavy material,such as textile,leather,polyethylene,synthetic;
  2.Curved thing, such as cushion,boot,bags,travelling bag,hand bag etc

★Automatic oil pumping,pneumatic presser foot lift,automatic backtack,needle positioning ,save power

★Single straight needle,sleeve take up

★Cylinder diameter is 72mm, suitable for curved and cylinder products

★Vertical rotary large hook, improve work efficiency

★Compound feed,medium heavy material and uneven material will be sewn perfect

★Streamline needle plate can be helpful to smooth sewing for small thing

★Large presser lifting amount,easy to put into and take out for sewing thing

★Built-in top and bottom feed device,can avoid oil to splash

★Automatic oil supply system,improve the lubrication of machine,reduce noise,improve service life

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